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Couple Therapy Session



Are you feeling overwhelmed by stress and hoping to create a more relaxed day-to-day life?

Is your child or teenager burdened by worries, self-criticism or difficulties with friends, and you are concerned about how to help?

Do you hope to change recurring patterns that interfere in personal or professional relationships?

Are you seeking more effective ways to help your child to manage intense feelings, difficulties with bedtime routines or power struggles?


Psychotherapy can help children, teens and adults to build confidence and to cope more comfortably with life transitions, in academic or professional situations and within relationships with family and friends. Parenting consultation and support can help parents to learn effective parenting skills that result in a more comfortable day-to-day family life and which promote a child's social and emotional success.

Psychotherapy can help adults reach life goals, reduce self-doubt, anxiety and depression.  It can also provide support and assistance in developing coping skills through times of transitions or loss. Adults are often interested in finding ways to improve the types of difficulties and conflicts that occur within personal or professional relationships.  

I understand that these types of struggles can be difficult to address and that the decision to seek therapy is a significant one. I have experience successfully helping children, teens and adults, as well as providing parenting consultation and couples therapy in a collaborative manner, prioritizing professionalism, confidentiality and providing a clear explanation about the psychotherapy process.


For a complimentary phone consultation, contact me at (301) 922-1114 to discuss how you, or your child, may benefit from psychotherapy.