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Treatment for Emotional Over-Eating

Binge Eating, or "emotional over-eating," is the most commonly experienced eating disoder.   Although it can often be quite difficult to speak about one's experience with binge eating, there is the potential - through proper treatment - to gain relief from the difficult experiences associated with binge eating, and to reduce, or eliminate, binge eating. Treatment for emotional over-eating helps to develop a greater understanding about the emotional and social triggers that may be associated with binge eating, and to create comfortable coping methods to manage these challenges.   This type of treatment is an effective and evidence-based method to successfully treat binge eating, while improving one's relationships and emotional experiences.   As a result, many people who receive treatment for binge eating find that not only is binge eating reduced or eliminated, but also that many welcome changes are achieved in managing difficult relationship patterns and in dealing with challenging emotional situations.

Please feel free to contact me at (301) 922-1114 to discuss any questions you may have regarding treatment for binge eating, or to schedule an appointment.