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Couple Therapy Session

Collaborative Divorce Practice

I provide services as a Child Specialist on a Collaborative Divorce team.  Collaborative Divorce is a newer model for the separation and divorce process which provides a divorcing couple with a team comprised of attorneys, mental health professionals in the role of coaches and child specialists, and financial experts. The Collaborative Divorce model promotes a respectful and collaborative, non-adversarial approach to the divorce process, which prioritizes the emotional well-being of the children and family.  I am a member of the District of Columbia Academy of Collaborative Professionals and the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals.  


As a child specialist on the Collaborative Divorce team, I am dedicated to providing parents with a clear understanding of their child’s emotional concerns and developmental needs, to enable parents to most effectively support their children and teenagers through the separation and divorce process.  I work carefully with children and teenagers to create a comfortable atmosphere in which a child or teen can express him/herself in the manner, and at the pace, which best suits each individual child or teenager.  I am dedicated to working collaboratively with respect and care for my clients, with the aim of strengthening families, at all stages of the separation and divorce process.  I believe that the Collaborative Divorce model provides the best opportunity to address a child or teen’s best interests and to promote emotional resiliency for the children and family.


For more information about how Collaborative services may benefit you, your children and your family, please contact me at: (301) 922-1114 or at [email protected] for a complimentary phone consultation.